What do I need an intermediary for as a player?

On the one hand, there are the contacts to the other clubs. If you are one of the top players in your country, this is relatively easy, because the clubs will contact you! For the other 90% of the players, it is the contacts of his intermediary that make a club transfer possible.

But the most important task is to negotiate your contracts! Not everyone is born to negotiate high salaries with managers. But it can make a big difference for your further life, how much you earn in a short time! That’s why you should get the help of professionals here.

Besides the contract situation, the pressure a professional player has to deal with nowadays is enormous. Again, very few players manage to cope with life as a professional without outside support. I offer you the support you need to get through your career in a stable way.
The end of a professional career is also difficult to cope with for many players. Here it is important to set the course early, both financially and professionally. Too many players have crashed after their career and couldn’t cope with normal life anymore. Here, too, we can gladly plan the career after the professional career together.

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