For established players, it is a matter of putting themselves in a good (negotiating) position and then making decisions while weighing up sporting and monetary aspects. The more alternatives one has, the higher the salary will be. Or do you prefer to stay with your club and build up an existence there for the time after your career? Even if many players talk about the next step, in most cases it is about earning as much as possible in a short career. This requires a good network and negotiating skills. Back-4 Sports can also offer this to established players. Just contact me!

Nowadays the pressure a professional player has to deal with is enormous. Again, very few players manage to cope with life as a professional without outside support.

Also the end of the professional career is hard for many players to cope with. Here it is important to set the course early, both financially and professionally. Too many players have crashed after their career and have not been able to cope with normal life.

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