About me

As a player, you are the most important player in the global soccer circus. You should be aware of this position and make the most of it!
As a parent of young players, you naturally want to know who will be accompanying your son as a player agent for the next few years. Especially since there are a lot of plumbers, pizza makers and firefighters in the consulting scene. Some of them have made big transfers, but do you want to entrust your child to such people?

I studied sports science in Kiel and Hawaii/USA and then worked in sports marketing for a long time, but then switched to player consulting. In between, I worked for 10 years as a teacher at a school in Hamburg, which is a partner school of the Eliteschule des Fußballs. Bundesliga players and even later world champions like Jonathan Tha or Shkodran Mustafi were in my physical education classes.

On the side, I was always active as a coach in competitive sports and was on the supervisory board of SC Alstertal-Langenhorn.

As a player consultant, I’ve done a lot of international transfers, but now I prefer to work with talented players in the youth development centers in Germany. This is where I know my stuff and can help players realize their dream! So, if you have a child in an NLZ in Germany and you want that child to be taken care of, please contact me.

For me, values such as honesty and reliability are in the foreground in this difficult environment!

Spielerberater Tobias Schade