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Also young players who live their dream in the academies need support. But I am talking more about mentoring here. It needs a balance from the outside to the many great promises the clubs make to the players they want to have with them. Without insight into the structures it is difficult for parents to assess the situation reasonably and realistically. Should you give your child to an academy of a club or should you rather not? Is he in good hands in an academy or should the player rather stay at a local club? What does the child give up and what does he get in return?

A lot of questions, which few clubs answer honestly. But since it’s not primarily about money, I would describe this part of the career as mentoring rather than classic player advice. The young players don’t need any help with contracts at the beginning, but much more support in mastering the structured life and still perform well.

If you as parents are faced with a decision, please contact me. I will help you to minimize the risk of a wrong decision.

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