Football Academies

Germany has the best football academies worldwide. Here you can train at a professional level at a young age and also enjoy a school education. No other country has as many top facilities as Germany.

More and more clubs are now recruiting talents from other nations for their academies. So there is already experience with foreign players. If you come from a country within the EU you have to be 16 years old to move to Germany. If you come from outside the EU you have to be 18 years old to play in Europe.

But not only in Germany there are top football academies. Other clubs in Europe have also caught up in this area. But you should consider this step carefully. Not for all children such a change comes into consideration, even if they have sportive quality. Here it is important to weigh up the options carefully.

Right decision
It needs a balance from the outside to the many great promises the clubs make to the players they want to have with them. Without insight into the structures it is difficult for parents to assess the situation reasonably and realistically. Should you give your child to an academy of a club or should you rather not? Is he in good hands in an academy or should the player rather stay at a local club? What does the child give up and what does he get in return?

A lot of questions, which few clubs answer honestly. If you as parents are faced with a decision, please contact me. I will help you to minimize the risk of a wrong decision.

Note: You have to be one of the best young players in your country to have a chance of getting a place in a professional football academy.

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